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Heart Warming Creations

Marketing Plan


What do I have to do to be a Traveling Store Owner AKA Independent Design Consultant?  It is easy.



1.   Submit an application There is one online for your convenience.


2.   Pay your Registration Fee of $35.00 This gets you your 50% off buying privilege

      you will receive all the information and training to start your business.


3.   Submit a $250 wholesale minimum order  each month  that is  $500 

       retail because you receive 50%OFF. In other words you buy at half price. No 

       other company will give you this kind of discount.


4.   Continue to submit a minimum  order each month and you may submit as many

      minimum orders you wish each month there is no limit.


5.  A % for Shipping and Accounting is charged but you get that back in your

     collection of shipping from your customers.


6.  Orders will be shipped back to you for distribution.


7.  Your 50% Buying Privilege has a great value to you. This privilege will be granted

     to a limited amount of Traveling Store Owners over the next few years. Home

     Office in time will limited these buying privileges in certain areas. This is to

     help you build an area however you can sponsor any where in the USA.


8.   Read over our Policies and Procedures Page on payment methods and return



9.   Free Training, we will provide training and on going support to help succeed in

      your business.  You will receive a CD of all products, copies of sale slips and

      master order sheets. Show Summaries for your own use and other paper

      materials provided to make copies for your business.  Business card information

      and other useful hints are listed in supplies.


10.  An Excellent Hostess Plan to help make your business grow.  


11.  You may sponsor others as Independent Design Consultants and make 20 to  

        25% from servicing them and they can move up in your group making higher 

        discounts. But you will continue to make a percentage based on their level. All   

        this from day one.


12.  Heart Warming Creations national advertises and that brings customers to the 

        web sight.  You can take full advantage of this traffic and reap the benefits, it is

        easy. In minutes you can set up and personalize your own sight that is a link to

        HWC. Anyone visiting the HWC sight and is looking for someone in your area   

        will be directed to your web sight. You will receive any online sales, recruits, or

        request for in home shows.  You will be able to place your orders through this

        sight make payment for product with just a few clicks, all this for only $10 a



Go to Home Page click on Become a Heart Warmer and fill out agreement and your on your way!!

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